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Megha Mehta has always loved the open seas! Swimming in the ocean, travelling across islands and exploring different cultures had always been an integral part of her growing up. She found that anything close to the sea seemed to call her name. She realized early on that she had an affinity for the water, and this always stuck in the back of her mind. 

Life went on as life does, and Megha found herself as a chartered accountant. The four-walled cubicle culture was in great contrast to the lifestyle she knew she enjoyed. Instead of an office environment where numbers surrounded her, Megha wanted to challenge herself with something creative. She wasn’t sure what that would look like for her; she even tried wedding planning and took some design courses to explore what her calling was. She then decided that studying branding and marketing would help her build up entrepreneurial skills and probably throw some light on her next steps! 

Now, Megha had always been the go-to friend for skincare advice; collecting magazine snippets on the latest skincare and creating DIY skin remedies were all sure signs of this hobby. Through her MBA program and classes, she poured her interest in skincare into class projects, and that’s when she finally found the bridge between her passion and career. 

Once she returned from the US, Megha worked with Nykaa for about a year and then joined as a core member of another start-up in the skincare and fragrance space. She picked up the skills required to create products, formulate them, and what went into launching a brand. During a visit to the US, Megha had visited a Lush store and (like us all), fell in love with the experience that the store attracted customers with — the colours, the fragrances, the textures. She knew then that a good experience would be a part of her brand identity one day. 

That day would take a while to come:

“It wasn’t that I wanted to launch a brand tomorrow. I knew that I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know what, when or how. My favorite holidays were when I’d go to the beach and just walk by the ocean and explore island life; it always gave me a sense of calm and peace. A glow of happiness and serenity I’d say. And guess what, there is actually a science behind this glow! The seawater, seaweed and sea air, all work in harmony to soothe your skin and soul. And my thought was, ‘What if I can bring this emotion and experience to people, but in a way that helps them too?’ 

Diving further into her love for the ocean, Megha further researched the benefits of being close to the water and the wonderful healing properties of marine ingredients in skincare too. “And then there was a point where it all came together.” Her love for the sea and travel came together with her experience in the skincare industry to form Lacuna Light — India’s 1st Marine Inspired Skincare Brand.

‘Three things were very important to me in a skincare brand — science-backed formulas, a pleasing sensorial experience and beautiful product textures. Over the recent years, skincare has become clinical, and medicinal and it wasn’t fun anymore. Through this concept, I wanted people to enjoy skincare while treating their skin concerns with high-performing marine actives.” 

Borrowing from nature and science, she decided that Thalassotherapy would be the focus of her first range. In December of 2021, Megha and her team launched all six of Lacuna Light’s products.

“These 6 products work well together, but any of the products can also complement your existing routine. We went with a mix of some new actives and familiar comfort ingredients, both. It’s like eating a cake — people may hesitate to try a matcha cake, but mix it in with mango, and they’d be more open to it!”

“All our products are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic making it safe to use for all skin types. We believe that dry, dehydrated skin is the root cause of many other skin issues and wanted our products to tackle this! Hence, we created a range with 6 hydrating products that protect, repair and brighten skin too.”

From Golden Seaweed to Pineapple, from Red Algae to Niacinamide, Lacuna Light’s range has really caught our eye. But excellent ingredients aside, one of Megha’s personal missions for the brand drew us in even closer. 

“Lacuna Light is plastic neutral. We have partnered with an organization that recycles plastic waste and we make sure that we collect as much plastic as we put out or even more! We can’t go completely plastic-free at this stage. For example, the mist’s head is going to be plastic and there are challenges with using non-virgin plastics because there is a risk of contamination and as a small bootstrapped brand, we can’t take big risks right now. But we can collect plastic so that’s one thing we are trying really hard to do. Someday we hope to go as carbon neutral and plastic-free as possible.”

Speaking of someday, with the globe opening up post-pandemic, Megha has some offline dreams for Lacuna Light too.

“We want to try pop-ups and stores. If you get the touch, feel and fragrance, it adds to the entire experience of skincare and self-care. You’ll be able to feel the brand vibe and products even better — travel with us, dive into the sea, hop across the islands, let’s wander together!”

Read on for a rapid-fire about the must-try products from Lacuna Light. 

Sea Splash Gentle Cleanser

Why did you feel the need for such a product in the launch range?

“One problem that I faced with many cleansers is that you couldn’t have it all. That gel texture, gentle foam, refreshing fragrance, the soft and hydrating after-feel — there were very few gentle cleansers that I came across that would give me all of this. More often than not, foaming cleansers would leave my skin feeling dry, and the hydrating ones sans the foam wouldn’t give me that experience of washing my face! And of course, there were the strong menthol or tea tree or strawberry washes with a fragrance so overpowering that it would often make me feel uncomfortable. And that’s when I knew I wanted a facewash that would have it all — well, almost.” 

Why did you select the ingredients that are in this product?

“When it came to picking the mix for the facewash, there were these above attributes that I wanted the product to have, but while it is gentle foaming, I also wanted to make sure that it’s free of sulphate. So that was one thing. Looking for ingredients that would refresh, I couldn’t think of better ‘wake up’ ingredients than Sea Minerals and Coconut Water. Just hearing these two gives you a happy, refreshing feel. Now, to ensure that the cleanser doesn’t strip your skin of moisture, we needed a good hydrating agent, and that’s where Glycerin comes in. That, along with Rice Bran, hydrates and softens your skin. Besides this, Calendula and Bladderwrack would ensure that the product soothes and balances skin, and works fine even for those who have oily or acne-prone skin!”

Skin Balance Glow Tonic

Why did you feel the need for such a product in the launch range?

“Over the past few years, toners have made their way into the skincare routine to ensure that we balance the skin’s pH, remove that excess oil and shrink the appearance of enlarged pores. However, while doing this, it is also important to not over-dry your skin with alcohol-laden toners and harsh astringents. We wanted a toner that would remove the excess oil but not strip your skin of all those natural oils! A product that would refresh and yet work to balance the skin. Lastly, we didn’t want people to worry about how often they can use the toner or go running for that cotton pad every time they wanted to use it. So keeping in mind the convenience, the functionality and the requirements that one wants from a toner, we created a spray tonic — one that works as a toner and mist and is super travel friendly!”

Why did you select the ingredients that are in this product?

“First, we started looking for natural astringents that would do the job without alcohol and narrowed down on Rosewater and Witch Hazel. Next, we wanted to add ingredients that could be that instant ‘pick me up’ for dull and sweaty skin and for a dull and tired you! Hence, the use of marine extracts with Pink Grapefruit, Coconut Water and Niacinamide worked like magic in this spray toner. And believe me, when I say, it’s an all-weather ‘always in my bag’ saviour!”

Radiance Polish Clay Mask

Why did you feel the need for such a product in the launch range?

“Everyone wants a quick fix to come to their rescue every now and then. That one product that does it all. I did too, and that’s why we developed this 3-in-1 product. We literally call it a one-step 10-minute facial. However, for this instant glow therapy, we did not want a derma clinic to feel with harsh peels and acids but a spa experience with cooling clay, tropical fragrances and creamy textures. A multifunctional face pack that works as a cleanser scrub and mask and gives your skin that instant brightness! The radiance polish clay mask works really well to uplift your skin before a night out, to fade that summer tan or simply to indulge in an at-home spa session.”

Why did you select the ingredients that are in this product?

“We wanted this product to improve radiance, and skin texture and remove those dead cells — all at once, but without feeling harsh on the skin. So, we selected cooling clays like Kaolin and Bentonite and gentle chemical and physical exfoliants — Glycolic Acid made from sugarcane and Silica Particles made from sand quartz. This help to unclog pores, remove that accumulated dead skin and unveil a fresh layer under. The Red algae and Pineapple extracts are a powerhouse of antioxidants and rich in vitamin C. They help fade dark spots and make your skin look visibly brighter. While these would fix your dull and rough skin issues, ingredients Pomegranate and Aloe Vera would nourish and heal your skin.”

Dew Drench Soothing Serum

Why did you feel the need for such a product in the launch range?

“I, for one, feel that a serum can do a lot of things, and my skincare routine is incomplete without it. A serum is a slightly more concentrated solution meant to treat those targeted skin concerns, and people are generally looking for brightening, hydration, age-defying or acne cures, but what they often fail to check is that your skin is ready for these concentrated treatments. Or are you irritating your skin? So we decided to give them all of this in a bottle, but most importantly, we decided that the potion must first make your skin healthy and soothe it. A product to calm irritated skin and then treat it! As the name suggests, it’s as gentle as dew yet provides an instant burst of hydration and boosts collagen too. It can be layered with your moisturizer, can be mixed with other serums, and works very well under makeup as well!”

Why did you select the ingredients that are in this product?

“The serum had to be oil-free, lightweight and quick absorbing, so we included an adequate blend of actives but none of which would be too heavy on the skin. A mix of Hyaluronic Acid and Golden Seaweed helps hydrate and plump skin, vitamin E and Water Lily soothe skin and Spirulina, Bladderwrack, and Niacinamide repair the skin barrier, fade dark spots and are great even for sensitive acne-prone skin.”

3D Moisture Water Sleep Mask

Why did you feel the need for such a product in the launch range?

“The first time I used a sleep mask was a few years ago, and when I woke up the next morning, my skin felt amazing — so supple, hydrated and soft. And since then, it has been a staple in my skincare routine. However, even now, this is one category that has still not been established in India as much but is a must-have in your skincare routine, and that’s why I could not have this product in my range. Your skin repairs itself best at night, and hence giving it the correct catalyst is important. So we decided to focus on a deep hydration treatment for your skin while you sleep. Hence, the 3D moisture water sleep mask delivers 3X hydration – it infuses moisture into your skin, circulates moisture within your skin layers, and locks moisture within your skin! This product is ideal for those with dry, dehydrated and dull skin.”

Why did you select the ingredients that are in this product?

“I wanted the last step of the skincare routine to fit into your bedtime ritual with ease — something comfortable, to calm your senses and help you unwind before bed. And this sleep mask does that seamlessly — the fragrance, texture, and ingredients help soothe fatigued and stressed skin and let you drift into a zen zone before bed! The blend of Golden Seaweed, Hyaluronic Acid and Iris improves skin elasticity and boosts collagen, whereas Chamomile and Natural Sugar Complex deeply hydrate dehydrated and flaky skin. This night gel ensures you wake up to soft, dewy and plumper-looking skin.”

Daily Protect Gel Moisturiser

Why did you feel the need for such a product in the launch range?

“We realised that skin damage due to blue light exposure is an important issue, which is often overlooked but is so rampant. Laptop screens, mobiles, LED lights, and in the sun rays, blue light is everywhere. Blue light, a.k.a. HEV light, penetrates your skin deeper than UVA & UVB rays while forming free radicals that break down your skin’s collagen. This leads to loss of moisture, elasticity and pigmentation! We wanted an easy-to-use product that could hydrate, protect and repair your skin from the attack caused by such daily aggressors and a product that could fit into your skincare routine. Hence we decided that a lightweight, non-sticky moisturizer that can be worn across seasons, layered under makeup or sunscreen and reapplied without a mess, would be a comfortable product that everyone could use. Also, we wanted a soft fragrance that wasn’t overbearing on the face.” 

Why did you select the ingredients that are in this product?

“Once we knew what and how we wanted our product, it was about deciding what’s in and out!  So no butter and oils, but instead lightweight humectants and protecting actives. So, a balanced blend of antioxidant-rich seaweed and floral ingredients along with some vitamin B, is exactly what we wanted! Norwegian Kelp & Peony protect skin from daily stressors including blue light and energizes skin cells; Niacinamide strengthens the skin barrier and fades dark spots, whereas Oarweed & White Lotus hydrates and nourishes the skin.”

Megha’s walked us through the story of Lacuna Light from thought to fruition, and I was taken on that journey when I tried out these products. My favourite is definitely the soothing serum — I simply smelt or felt anything like it! The moisturiser is a go-to before I leave to work, and the clay mask is a weekend fav. My mother quickly snatched up the tonic, and she loved it. Speaking of smelling, just a whiff of  any of these products transports you into your very own personal spa day. Self-care couldn’t get better than this.

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