The Plight of an 18-year old in the Pandemic

Featured Illustration: ‘Lights On’ by Ranganath Krishnamani With the fall blues now fully upon us, students have returned to the back-to-school groove. Yes, unlike previous years, I feel oddly stuck to the preceding one. A year, a milestone even, that disappeared without realization. Leaving high school without graduation, without yearbook signings, and without senior trips […]

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Pinterest Boards and Our Want to be Picturesque

If you are a Pinterest user, you’re probably aware of how addicting it is to create new boards. A new obsession calls for a new board, so does a desire, an aesthetic and sometimes just the want to save something. For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, if I had to describe the application in a sentence, […]

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Erased Perspectives of an Arab American Family

My intention with these images is to shine a light on a topic that is taboo among many Arab Muslim families. This past year, my parents got a divorce. Growing up talking about our emotions at home was not an option. It just wasn’t a real thing. My parents’ divorce was simultaneously relieving and frightening. […]

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Voices Leak Identities: On Speaking Up

Featured Illustration: Camila Rosa Voices leak identities, someone told me recently when I confessed to being terrified of public speaking. I had been asked to present a lecture on the cultural aspects of slavery, for an online seminar. In spite of feeling confident about the topic, I was aware of a familiar pervasive feeling of […]

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The Sorrowful Souvenir

You will forever be embossed in my heart, How I feel tormented by your departure. Your love and support is my remedy, Stored in the deepest of memories.   When you’re young, your heart’s an open book. A childhood where love is all you Making nostalgia the crook   The type of innocent love With […]

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