To Fill a Paper

My teenage years often feel some sort of sick competition, as I watch college applications and academic success swallow so many students like myself. Though it may not actually be the case, the feeling of having your future determined by the actions you make as a seventeen-year-old is terrifying. In addition to that, being surrounded […]

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Thank you, Ramadan Tent Project, for my first Iftar

I’ve never been to an Iftar before. I’ve never really celebrated Ramadan before. Growing up in India, Ramadan was a cause of celebration simply because it was a holiday from school but with very few Muslims in my school, biryani never made its way into my home. And I know that Ramadan is more than […]

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The main event: Fable & Mane

We’ve covered many a journey in this series so far so, just in time for their third birthday, let’s have some Fable & Mane energy on here! Nikita Mehta’s own history with hair fall led her to revisit traditional methods of haircare. Akash Mehta was tired of the South Asian toxic beauty standard of fair […]

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Night of Power

“The Night of Glory is better than a thousand months…it is peace until the break of dawn.” —The Holy Quran, 97:3-5 . . .   Thick, feverish air swells in soft billows,  falling like gossamer over soundless trees, a whisper lost between the minutiae  of trembling grass shards.   Their souls brush against one another,  […]

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Coming to God: Reflections on Faith

A little over a year ago, I was at a point in my life when my faith was hitting an all-time low. I had no wish to pray. I felt unworthy of asking God for anything, and I didn’t think I deserved to get what I asked for. I didn’t feel very confident in my […]

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Anisa Karolia’s ‘The Ramadan Cookbook’

Food plays a huge role in Ramadan for Muslims around the world, abstaining from eating between sunrise and sunset with a pre-dawn meal of Suhoor and a family-cooked meal in the evening. It possibly bridges Anisa Karolia to her childhood memories of wandering into the kitchen to ask her mum what she was cooking. This […]

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