Off to Washington D.C. I go—

Because I need to know about Roe.

And what is it about Roe you ask?


Here is where I drop my mask.


How Great can this old country be?

When it’s obvious you are not free

If you can carry a pregnancy?


You can’t get pregnant? Good for you!

Oh wait, you lost something too.

Right to Privacy isn’t for you.


Sweet Land of Liberty, is it not?


And here’s something that can’t be forgot—


My Dadi, when she was young, you see,

had a house full of small babies.

And she was tired of tying shoes—

That includes her husband’s too.


So away she whisked in the middle of the night

That doctor gave her so much fright.

Backdoor abortions in Pakistan right?

It really is an awful blight.


50 years later, she’s still in pain.

Was immigrating all in vain?


They told her that America was better.

In truth—

It’s been heading for the shitter.


Do I need to replay the last few years?

I don’t know if I have any more tears.



Away from Washington D.C. I turn

Because it’s time

The system burns.


Life isn't worth living without some sort of passion, and I am impassioned through the topics I write about: including journeys of reclaiming the self, to protesting the injustices of discrimination.

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