I now take a bow

I give what was never given

And have much more


The energy never dies

Even when the body connects with the floor


It transcends into the world

Quiet feels like peace

Not “alone”


Saturated in potential

Fingers lace around the stars


Scars embellish this cloth

But smiles repaired the holes



In the incompleteness



But never alone


I fulfilled my life’s purpose

But life’s purpose 

Passes my own



. . .

In the words of Angelo Scolo, “The destination is a happy life, an accomplished life that doesn’t end with death but with eternal life.”

Our life lives past the last beats our heart makes, or the last breath we take. It carries on through memories others hold of us, the impact we leave on this world, and the purpose we carried with it.

Sanjana Karthik

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