Worldly Women

Featured Artwork: Guido Borelli


She chased the warmth out of the air
and into the leaves.
While everything got colder,
her trees got bolder.

Winter gave longer hours to the moon.
She apologised with fireplaces,
hot drinks and homemade scarves.
She was just doing her job.

But Spring,
when she arrives
she writes the earth again.
She is the scholar, the artist, and the homemaker
of new beginnings.

When Summer finally gets her chance,
she has so little to do,
she spends all her days flirting with the sun.
What a charming freeloader she makes.

Sometimes, Melbourne sees all four women in one day.
He asks me which one I’d like to be.
But I’m barely a drizzle of rain,
or a flicker of sunlight.
I’ll need many more days in his orbit
before I learn to live
as a season.

Lydia Strohfeldt

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