Build Up

Featured Artwork: LMNOPI


What must you do

When your screen is a scene of terror and malice alike

What must you do

When all you can see smoke and no hope in sight

What must you do

When your mind is a battleground and no one believes your word

What must you do

When you’re scared for your life and terrified of this world


Will you take your pen and write across the whole town as you build from the ground with each word

Will you dip your brush into the paints of your sorrows and color the day into what you deserve

Will you take to the streets, fight for what you believe, and for how one should be treated

Will you sing your story to whoever will listen and pass on your light to those who need it


We create when the world falls apart

We build when the days are hard

We give voices to those who are never heard

And we celebrate every scar

Let’s fight together

In all our endeavors

When injustice and hate breaks through

We’ll rally wherever

Hopeful forever

Because that’s what we all must do

Ariana Bhargava

Ariana Bhargava is a high school student based in Massachusetts. She writes for Reclamation and Brown Girl Magazine. She is passionate about storytelling, activism, and photography.

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