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An app that once had teenagers as its main audience has reached a broader spectrum of users. Therapists are also using Tik Tok in order to combat the stigma that surrounds anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses.

With quarantine and state lockdowns, being in isolation can have significant detrimental consequences. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation Poll, almost half of Americans have expressed a major impact on their mental health during COVID-19. The World Health Organization provided a policy briefing on coping with mental health during isolation, and necessary changes: COVID-19 and the Need for Action on Mental Health. One of the suggestions made is to stay socially connected.

Therapists did not hesitate to follow up with a social media connection. With 11.9 million posts, the hashtag #EndTheStigma has been used in order to raise awareness of mental health. One of the videos within the hashtag is of a compilation of therapists, such as @25therapy, advocating for the end of the stigma. As Tik Tok continues to grow during the pandemic, so does the awareness of mental health. When we are physically isolated, we can rely on social media to educate ourselves on topics such as our mental health, and therefore destigmatize seeking professional help.

Here are some Tik Tok therapists that may help with your journey of healing:

Tik Tok therapist @25therapy is based in Chicago and focuses her videos on overcoming trauma and boundary setting especially in a toxic household. One of her highest viewed videos is of toxic childhood and the second being toxic relationships. She also shares her personal experiences in order to make it more relevant.

With over 255,000 followers, @the.truth.doctor focuses on mental health advocacy in a mindful way. As her bio states, “no bullshit, just the truth”, you know you’ll gain some valuable tips with her account. Dr. Tracy has gained popularity by creating videos of role-playing and relevant trending videos. Her most seen video currently holds a whopping 2.2 million views and contains tips on finding the right therapist.

Lindsay Fleming, @lindsay.fleming, has an audience of 150,000 followers and implements the hashtag #heylinds for her audience. She is a therapist for children and teenagers. Fleming’s popular video is of her explaining why punishment and yelling is not the best approach.

Remember, you are not alone. We are in this together. #EndTheStigma

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