The Pandemic Labor Shortage Myth: Why Workers Are Resigning

Featured Illustration: Boston University The pandemic has created what many have signaled as a labor shortage. However, there cannot be a labor shortage — only exploitation and people have reached their limit of it. During the pandemic, many people have found several alternatives to earning income or joining other industries due to their employment being […]

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3 Challenges as a First-Generation Student and How I Overcame Them

Featured Illustration: Leonardo Santamaria A first-generation student is best described as someone whose parents did not attend college, therefore making the student the first one in the family to do so. My experience being first-generation has brought many challenges. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until my junior year at California State University, Bakersfield, that I gained the […]

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Boundary Setting is Essential for Mental Health

Featured Illustration: Carmi Grau It is important to note that when someone is placing a boundary on you, it’s usually a positive sign that they want to improve and grow your relationship/friendship. Boundary setting is important for mental health and to get to know oneself throughout our journey to healing. Chances are that in relationships/friendships, […]

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Combating Anti-Black Racism Within Latinx Communities

Featured Artwork: Brittany Holloway As tensions erupt across the globe, the Latinx community has shown solidarity by demanding the end of racism and protesting throughout the cities. Systemic racism and police brutality have disproportionately caused pain and merciless murder for Black people in the United States. However, marching in the streets is not enough to […]

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Tik Tok Therapists: Ending the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health One Video at a Time

Featured Image: Yahoo! News An app that once had teenagers as its main audience has reached a broader spectrum of users. Therapists are also using Tik Tok in order to combat the stigma that surrounds anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. With quarantine and state lockdowns, being in isolation can have significant detrimental consequences. According […]

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