Roger Crawford once said, “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” From my erstwhile experiences, I have ultimately realized that there will always be incoming challenges ahead of us. These inescapable encounters precisely measure the range of our capabilities and moral values.

To effectively prepare for these impending tasks, we primarily need to set constructive standards that will certainly bring us closer to our recurring ambitions. Some tremendous arrangements are absolutely composed of physical, mental, and spiritual attributes that will enhance our mindsets.

Furthermore, we need to truly fathom the progressive consequences we will definitely acquire from our planned movements. Based on scrutinized observations, those outcomes will motivate us to continue in our daily lives.

Generating gaffes is an ordinary course that all individuals frequently share. It can terribly ruin our standing in the eyes of humanity and vehemently isolate us from other citizens. Through my extensive expedition as an imperfect human, I had significantly grieved a great amount of detrimental outcomes.

Frankly, I believed I was doleful and preposterous after receiving numerous responses that were adversarial. Fortunately, I had found hope of becoming a better person in the future if I made intelligent decisions from that point. Due to my fulfilled vow, the knowledge I acquired gradually molded me as a better individual.

Laziness is a mutual issue everyone is regretful of. There are several times when we just want to lay in bed and slumber, not thinking about our goals. It is typical for this to occur, but if we want to reach for the sky, we always need to be on our feet.

Moreover, another terrible conflict would be completely losing interest in a subject. When we get exhausted of something, we have the tendency to divert our attention and start to disregard it. If this ever ensues, we need to explore various sources that will inspire us again.

I strongly believe that a massive quantity of artistic individuals are frightened to display their astounding aptitudes and capabilities in front of the entire population. The chief reason why they are afraid is the fear of judgment. People do not want to be a joke in society’s spectacles.

I despondently underwent this dreadful issue in my preceding years, which lessened in the present. It’s like I’m trapped underneath a ginormous microscope — an experimental entity ready to be tested. Society sensibly critiques every single move I make and emotionally wounds me. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we must understand that they don’t control us. We should evade negative thoughts and surroundings that attempt to influence our minds.

If we have marvelous aspirations to pursue, it really is essential for us to strive hard and to relentlessly accept the unexpected outcomes, whether they be good or bad. Our life expectancy is too momentary to doubt ourselves.

We need to constantly believe that we can successfully accomplish our ambitions.

With strong determination and exceptional persistency, I confidently guarantee that we will get what we want at the right time. However, do not fail to recall the importance of humility: at the end of the day, individuals will still prefer someone who has a developed character rather than a skillful individual with an egotistical attitude.


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