Eldritch Zone

One step I took back, one step I took forward.

Losing control of my demented mind.

Passing by crowded places, many sources of vile spaces.

Velvet teardrops are splashing the cold, hard cement ground.

As I see the torn leaves dwindling down the narrow road,

a sight beckons me to throw it at great height, high above the heaven’s sky.

The walking stick grudgingly sauntered towards me,

crippled and feeble as it begged for clemency.

Reaching my hand in the unbeknown realm,

I silently hummed Sinatra’s melody.

Optimistically pondering on the possible views,

What is there for me to lose?  

Picking up the desperate branch, a thunderstorm commences.

Lightning struck my paralyzed body, leaving tons of eerie bruises.

The little stick discretely sprinted to the Grand Canyon

Leaving me behind in the ghetto of Las Vegas.

Darkness and despair clouded my veil

As I was sitting near the curb of the alley.

In the midst of distress, I stumbled in a cage.

Near the realm of the forgotten.  


(Featured Photography: Saaleha Shamsi)

Ron Rocky Coloma

Ron Rocky Coloma covers entertainment, fashion and lifestyle.

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