Last Day (Cherry Blossom/Sakura)

I wonder if you still want to meet.

Even if winter stays,

Looking at you warms me

Like no matter how we pierced

Words at each other

Somehow, I know we’re going to be okay

I’ll be okay


I’m afraid to approach you

After last night

Covered ears,

Will you still smile at me?


I wish I could express my crumpled thoughts

Unfold my tangled tongue without

Hiding behind a barrier

Where we only slip notes through its cracks.

But as we speak more,

We might know each other’s language better


Yes, my childish glory

Is frozen in the same room

Pinned with Sacramento Bee articles

And Kim Possible CDs

You last saw me.

I’ll ascend from it.


The sun is coming up,

Its rays gently touch my fingers,

Tugging me to come along

Can you see me?

I don’t know when I’ll come back.

But the day we meet again

Will you pat my back,

smile at me,

“You did well.”



As cherry blossom petals brush against

My cheeks,

I feel alive.

Asela Kemper

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