Get Vulnerable With Your Comfort Zone

Wait — I can’t do that. I’m not comfortable doing this, what do you think this is, The Voice?!

I know I’m not the only one who’s yelled these exact lines to myself or to my fellow peers. We often times confuse our comfort zones as genuine places of comfort rather than restriction zones from our true selves with caution tape. Who are you really? Who were you before you formed this emotionally manipulative relationship with your comfort zone?

Although the word “comfort zone” seems to go hand in hand, your vulnerability and comfort zone can’t antedate. They must coexist. When we think of vulnerability, we think of stripping down completely naked and running out in the middle of the street with a big red flashing sign that says, “look at me, I’m naked!” When we think of comfort, we think of PJs, Netflix, and couches. So we ask ourselves, “how in the world can these two intertwine to help me evolve? They’re the complete opposite!”

We must ask ourselves, “How can I use my vulnerability to pick my comfort zone?” Know its strengths, its weaknesses, its hidden talents, its fears. We have to stop looking at self-exploration as a bad thing, and start looking at it as the best thing we can do for ourselves — for our lives.

In life, we find there is so much of us in our comfort zones. But we also find there is so much more depth in our vulnerability. These two combined can and will manifest into who you’ve always wanted to be. Yes, there is fear that comes with this process. Yes, there are growing pains. Yes, there is failure. But there is also success. There is also contentment. There is peace. There is pride. There is delight. There is pleasure. But most importantly, there is the discovery of YOU.

It seems to me the good is going to outweigh this momentary bad. You’re worth it and then some. Brene Brown once said, “you either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside of your story and hustle for worthiness.” And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is something I want you all to remember. Now go and tell the story you were made for!

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