How do you pick yourself back up after what feels like a devastating loss, miss-step, or mistake made due to a lack of knowledge or experience?

For many poor, underprivileged people of color who are trying to make it out, the weight of a mistake feels crushing because it can be the difference between a better and more secure life or staying in the cycle of poverty. “The Window” highlights how athletes deal with this challenge in pursuit of a higher level. It’s sad to think that in a country that prides its self on the idea that hard work is the thing that gets you ahead, it isn’t quite that simple.

People sometimes underestimate just how difficult it is to come up from the lower class in America given that most success relies on advantages afforded to some and not others. It’s why making this project resonated so deeply with me.

These are a few of the things I was thinking about in the making of this ad. I hope this can serve as a reminder to not be so hard on ourselves when we do fail. And that at the lowest point, what matters most is how we react in those moments.

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I feel most passionate about contributing work that depicts real people and situations, something that captures experiences of life truthfully. As a creative, I think it’s a part of my responsibility to ensure that representations foster empathy and understanding. To me that means constantly searching fearlessly for the truth during the creative process.