Inside the rusted locket
Lies the old burnt image
From a time I can no longer see
Of someone long lost
But the more and more I look
Over the eyes that still have their shine
And trace the details of their face
The more I get confused

Were all of the late-night calls
And the time we held on to each other
Even real in any way
Or was it a fantasy we created to escape
The harsh truth of everyday life
No matter how hard I try and try
I can’t get myself to remember anything
other than the good, sweet, and pure times

Is life fair in any sense?
That yes, all that was nothing but good
Or were we just fooling ourselves
Thinking it was all okay that
We missed the ignored texts and angry looks
Because the moment we were back in our place
We kept holding onto each other so lovingly
Like it was the last night we’ll ever have

Inside the rusted locket
Lies a burnt photo of a fantasy
That made me escape reality in the best way
And although I no longer remember
I’ll bury you away one last time
With the same love, I felt
When we held onto one another
Like it was the very last time

Aneesha Saran

Hi! I'm Aneesha, 20 something student struggling under the Indian Education System. Without a proper dream but an avid lover of books, a good cup of coffee and cats. Other than reading and writing you can find me either sleeping throughout the whole day or watching documentaries on all kinds of things. Here on this website I'll be sharing small and special pieces of my imagination and my opinions & thoughts on the most random things!

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