Featured Image: Vitor Monthay


Look at you

So progressive that one could

almost convince themselves that they weren’t being herded into

the Zoo brigade from hell

Pardon my skepticism

but I could not be bothered

to have to sit a compliant performer at your spectacle

another tune of self-celebration

as you are cheered for mounting “these folk” stage centre

A display of representation you call it

A display of vapid narcissism if you ask me

But you didn’t,

and you stand a wall to interpretation

I guess we still only speak when spoken to,

how little I respect you

And when you smirk

asking why we do not take advantage of

the opportunities you have opened, the avenues you say you have created

as if to imply an unspoken inferiority

know that

the only design by nature

that stood failing and insufficient

was an effort that was never meant to do more than achieve a feature

It remains

an effort that was never meant to realize a future

Thaea Deilami

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