I will be Billing The Peddler of Pretence for my Time

Featured Image: Evan Fitzer


I am not my lover’s keeper

If his happiness is dependent on me

Then I am not to answer for it

I will not be expected to fix him

For last time I was addressed, I was “my love” not “Dr. Deilami” the therapist


And it is funny that in this reply you infer that I must then hold disdain for my partner

No, you have your reasoning backward, but of this fact, I was long aware

Rather the disdain I hold is for your meddling

For your hatred of yourself or of your women

For your perceived right to perpetuate your stupidity

And for your perception that I would do well to abide by it


“But love is unconditional” you whinge —

And my love would travel oceans

Sprawl across galaxies

To reach the man that needed me

But know that love when wielded as a condition

As it scars and harms without consideration

Ceases to be convincing

In the hands of women and men like you, ceases to be enough reason

Thaea Deilami

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