Featured Illustration: Batel Silverberg


computer screens and business deals,
overly friendly women in bright lipstick
and men with glum faces and too much designer,
selling you a lifestyle

self-care won’t be found
by listening to harsh motivational speeches
that leave you depleted
won’t be found in the bottom of your wallet
buying things you don’t need
just to feel like you still got it

a face mask and candlelit bubble bath
are still only surface deep, still don’t leave you feeling finally clean
waking up and getting out of bed
conversations in the morning with you and yourself
with the background tune of chirping birds
or even the buzz of morning cartoons
your brewing caffeine

brushing your hair, at least once every day
a shower and a routine
self-care begins
with waking up
and staying here

(please try to stay here)

it’s found
when your eyes
can finally
meet the gaze
of the mirror.

… I hope you find it

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