To be loved.

Featured Image: Guilherme Stecanella


I’ve learned

I don’t want to be loved like the world is ending

Because in that moment

You’d love the Devil himself

If it meant having something to hold on to

And call yours

Because in darkness there is desperation

And in death acceptance

So long as we may say we were loved.

So love me like we will love forever

Though I feel my very life trickling away

Because immortality is a curse in of itself

Where even honey tastes a little less sweet

And water less cooling

Knowing we will have till the end of days

To wander about this Earth like lonely Gods

Because in Forever every moment counts a bit less

And we love knowing it is our lover’s soul we yearn for

And not their warmth in this cold reality of 


So love we like we’ll live forever

Because I no longer wish to be anyone’s life raft

Saving them whilst I sink

Under this very mortality

I live terrified of.

Sanaa Mirz

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