Featured Image: Cinyee Chiu


I forgive for myself

And I forgive myself


I forgive the world

And perhaps it can too


I can’t erase your past

Or mine wouldn’t last


I can’t forget a face

That left me 

In this vicious dance


But I possess a choice

For myself

As vast as these lands


Be unconfined from animosity

Concealed deep within


Granting tranquility 

To seep 

To my heart’s

Inner being


Or clench tight

To this




Allowing dreams 

To meander

And transform

Into nightmares


I forgive

For myself

And not for others


I am merited to be free

From torment 

That hovers


Clenching on

With resentment

Won’t make them realize

The vexation

I’m indulged in


I need to write my own story

Not amending others

To fit the narrative 

I am weaving


So now is the time 

To modify my ending

With not simply the words

But the overwhelming feeling 




“I forgive you.”

Sanjana Karthik

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