How To Save Yemen

Featured Illustration: Takayo Akiyama for Save The Children


The past year has been filled with tragedies across Yemen, as the country has been held victim to the proxy war taking countless innocent lives each day. The war has left millions of people across the country on the verge of famine and death, while world leaders watch and wait. With the whole world fighting COVID-19, the wait has been fatal. As a result, it has been predicted by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) that Yemen is at the most risk of a humanitarian catastrophe in 2021, and without aid from the UN, a hopeful future will not be possible.

According to the United Nations, an estimated 131,000 people have perished due to the lack of basic medical needs and malnutrition, with the death toll reaching a total of 233,000, including in war. An estimated 24 million people are still in dire need of assistance and 4 million are displaced without homes. The Saudi-led coalition on Houthi-led rebels has been nothing but catastrophic, causing thousands of civilian casualties.

So, how can you help? Donating money is the best way to directly give to the people of Yemen, especially with COVID-19 cases on the rise. Delivering aid efficiently and fast is critical. The following contains a list of organizations focused on delivering aid to those in need, as well as many more organizations with the same mission.

  • Donate to Save The Children — the largest aid organization in Yemen aimed at changing children’s lives through education, health, safety, and mental well-being. They have reached out to more than 3 million children since May of 2015.
  • Donate to Islamic Relief USA — The organization has more than 3,000 volunteers around the country. They aim at delivering aid to all Yemeni provinces, including those areas of danger. Through 2017-2019, they have served and taken care of 580,000 people in need.
  • Donate to The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) — The organization is well known for delivering aid to many war-torn countries as well as helping refugees. They focus on giving vital aid to families. With COVID-19 cases on the rise, they are focused on reducing the spread through the use of hand sanitizers and other sanitary products to decrease the risk.
  • Donate to World Food Program USA (WFP) — The organization helps feed Yemeni families in need using vouchers and other innovative technology to make food more accessible. The organization is a lifeline for 40% of people each month. With COVID-19 on the rise, they have been forced to reduce their aid, and receiving more funds is crucial.
Zaineb Sharif

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