I Am More

Featured Illustration: Mayra Arvizo



was sad,

And I will be sad,

 But I am not today


I am more than just my despair,

More than the words I write,

And more than the tears

 I fight


I will allow my tears 

To descend where they may

And I will let the sun 

Come my way


Drenching in

And letting out

The beautiful rainbow 

Yet to arc



My tears 

Won’t accompany me



As I am more 

Than the sorrow;

The agony

And tears

Of those somber days…


I have myself

From birth to death

And will never be isolated

In that sense


So, I was sad

And will be too

But a gift I see

For mind and body

Is cherishing of the day


As the ‘present’ 

Life embodies

Sanjana Karthik

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