Featured Artwork: Artem Stefanov


I sew myself shut
With the delicate threads of false hope
That maybe tomorrow
I could move freely again
Void of the looming fear
That one single string would break
And everything would fall apart
All around my numb body as I lay curled
Clawing at the remains, trying to hold on
Just for a few moments but no more

They dissolve, slowly
In the pool of my tainted tears
Reduced to mere nothingness
In a matter of fast moments
Leaving nothing but
That lingering heavy feeling
Of all the happiness that used to be
But won’t ever come back

Jagged fingertips move oh so gently
Across the countless painful streaks
Painted abstractly across the canvas of my fading skin
Craving the feeling of hiding all there ever was to me
Hands dipping in shades of red, yellow, and blue
Carefully gliding across this skin,

Toned, evened out.

Little power and I move on
With tiny pricks all over my soul
With the heavy cover dragging me down to my knees
I go with one breath at a time, heaving, puffing,

Slowly, like a flower blooming for the first time
The sweet spring breeze flowing through the soft petals
I come together, one part at a time, with time
Threads wrap around me like those metal chains
Delicate strings woven tight I stumble onto my feet
One step at a time, I move again
Forever wishing, over and over again
For the free life I crave oh so badly.

Aneesha Saran

Hi! I'm Aneesha, 20 something student struggling under the Indian Education System. Without a proper dream but an avid lover of books, a good cup of coffee and cats. Other than reading and writing you can find me either sleeping throughout the whole day or watching documentaries on all kinds of things. Here on this website I'll be sharing small and special pieces of my imagination and my opinions & thoughts on the most random things!

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