My mother told me to

‘Find someone who we love as hard as you’

I listened and this is where it has taken me

An unwanted refugee of your heart

A cycle of piercing memories

Like my existence is for you to wear

And my soul you stole so silently.


I cannot speak what should be spoken

My mother tongue silenced by your words

When you burn me within your sweat-skinned cage

And then write love letters on my scars the next day.

The language of love taught me that it’s okay…


To accept the roses and ignore the thorns

To make love with a dead man’s scorn

To cross the ocean between war and peace

To replace ‘I love you’ with ‘help me… please’


And always, always expect the unexpected

Because one day your love letters may cease


So I’ll teach my daughter the forgotten language of Hate.

Hate is patient.

Hate is kind.

Hate never fails.

Hate never lies.

Hate is love…

Foreign, unspoken by your lips

Unreadable to your eyes.

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