Featured Illustration: Fernando Cobelo


I know we’re tattered

Because every day 

We distinguish a new face


With the same frayed hands

And grin 

Deemed out of place


Foraging with their eyes

For a soul

That will reinstate hope

Discerning for hands 

That might donate more


And there are a bountiful of people

Beseeching for a second chance

Grasping hands

Inspecting for food, 

Rather than a dance

Because life has not been as obliging to them

As they have to us


We need to create a change

Allocate more 

Than what wallets

Could ever pour


And maybe we all

Can have an ensuring chance

With wealth that does not

Belong in our hands


But in mind

And soul 

We feel wealthier

Than before


As we allocate our gifts

And blessings with our home

We too feel merrier

And a little less torn

Sanjana Karthik

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