The Forgotten War In Syria

Featured Illustration: Molly Crabapple


As the world continues to struggle fighting the pandemic that has swept us to our knees, many countries like Syria have been facing ongoing battles. The country has been in unrest for a decade, with fighting on its soil every day, as millions of innocent civilians attempt to escape their terrible fate whilst dealing with the effects of COVID-19.

In the past month, Syria has suffered numerous attacks from Israel. Israel has attacked Syrian observation posts, command and control bases, and has struck military targets in southern Syria. The raids happening at the beginning of August came after Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned how Israel would attack any country trying to harm it.

Days ago, Syria suffered yet another harmful attack from Israel when an aircraft fired missiles at an airbase, but Syria was able to intervene and stop the missiles from destroying or hitting anything. Since 2011, Israel has carried out hundreds of attacks targeting numerous Iranian and Hezbollah forces.

Fortunately, in Geneva, the United Nations have resumed the re-writing of the Syrian Constitution as cases of COVID-19 forced them to stop. The talks for drafting a constitution has been challenging, as there are many strong disagreements but areas of solidarity. The new constitution created is hoping to shed light on Syrians for democracy and equal rights. And hopefully, for a new and brighter Syria.

The war in Syria has been a brutal nine-year civil war with fatalities of at least 380,000 people and displacement of 11 million. The war, often called the “Forgotten War” by the U.S, has been one of the worst wars in modern-day history. As the world continues to fight its personal daily struggles, we must not forget the people of Syria, the ones who have still held on to hope for a new and better country.

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Zaineb Sharif

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