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Today, the world is still haunted by the Holocaust that took place decades ago in Germany. Pictures flooded with innocent children and broken families shattered millions of hearts across the world. There were nearly six million victims of the brutal atrocities against humanity. This occurred when Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany at the time, forced Jews and other minorities into concentration camps in order to “cleanse” Germany and other surrounding countries. And yet, the world has not learned from it.

Today, in China, we are facing another modern-day Holocaust, with millions of Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps across Communist China.

The Xinjiang re-education camps were created by the government to re-educate different Muslim minorities, as well as supposedly fight the “war on terror”. It is believed that people in these camps face persecution on a daily basis while being brainwashed to neglect their Islamic faith and their identity.

According to a report published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), the conditions the Uyghurs are faced with in the camps are far from worse. While their freedom is being stripped away from them, it has been reported that there have been twenty-seven factories that use Uyghurs as labor. Leaked reports also show how the Uyghur Muslims are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol in the detention centers as a way to brainwash them to become completely loyal to Communist China and denounce their Muslim identity.

Reports also show how women are forced to marry other Chinese men, how detainees have become victims of organ harvesting, and how many are subjected to medical experiments against their will. Ironically, these same tactics were used in Nazi Germany under the command of Adolf Hitler.

Decades later, the world still mourns the six million victims of the Holocaust. It was one of the biggest crimes committed against humanity. Throughout middle schools and high schools across the United States, we are taught about the brutal acts that took place. We are taught how the world turned its back and was blinded by clear violations of human rights. The world chose to ignore the millions of people who were being held in concentration camps, and no country intervened until it was far too late.

History is repeating itself once again today in the 21st century. How long will it take for the world to wake up?

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For more information, please visit: ASPI Report – Uyghurs

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