Featured Illustration: Ranganath Krishnamani


Let them into our home

There is nothing

You can clasp onto

More than a hold


From a hand


Extending out

Letting you know 

There is solace

Lying about


The surface of our world



And unknown


Locking myself


In my room

All alone…


It’s strenuous

It’s agonizing

To be on your own


But if each community

Could acquire a day

That felt like home;

A potluck

A gathering

Trodding through our forest

Where we are at liberty to roam


Absorbing our day’s gifts

With the new hands we hold


And share it with new people


We can learn 

To call our own



Just maybe

I would feel less alone


And no amount of torment

Could ever 

Feel like it was

Written in stone

Sanjana Karthik

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