A Letter On A Paper

Featured Artwork: Anna Parini


He returns home

With his buttoned shirt

And maroon tie


He breathes it in

And lets out a sigh

His backpack slouching

Descends to the side


And plummets down

With a muffled cry


He can’t disclose it

Can’t let his parents know

He failed his test

Can’t let it be known 


He’s agitated about what an end of a stick 

Might do to him

Frightened they’ll loathe him even more




Filled with remorse


He attempted his best

He did his utmost

But his parents insist 


For so much


And he takes a fall…


He ponders on if 

He ought to end it all

As no compassion 

From his parents

Assembled cold walls


And little Jun Yang 

Feels all alone in the room


Where the only voice

He discerns

Is his own

And the only worries are

“What did he do wrong”

And the only inquiries he has

Is “how to move on?


And why is it every time

He reaches out


He feels his clench unlatching


Feels his body trembling…

Maybe this is his body’s way

Of giving up 

On everything


But why?

Why did we let him

Just die?




This young child 

Felt despondent,


And departed


In the middle of the night


A future



Now dissipated 

 In thin sight


All because 


A single grade 

Was made

To define 


His entire life





Parents must be enlightened

With the notion

That their children 

Have more to propose 

More to present…

Than their lives




We have just have latched doors

And no way out

And these little children 

Will have no way to sprout…

Sanjana Karthik

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