Featured Artwork: Ryan Hartley Smith


Not realizing how bad it was

Nor taking a moment for a pause

For not understanding who all it hurt

Not just the people, but the community as a whole


My people, I say to you

Don’t look at your race or your hue

It don’t matter who you are 

Black, Latino, Sunni, Shia

At the end of the day we are all human too

And everyone has the right to respect not only a few


Don’t take more than two seconds to convey

Convey what you say?

I say the message to reflect

And not be wrecked


Yet here we are

Standing loud and proud

In the year 2020

Where our visions ain’t getting clear

And we still struggle to deal 


Not making any sense

And calling out the offense

Say, you do you, I do me

Easy as that, like one two three


Our knowledge and wisdom

Being misused and misguided

This hate that we create

Is for what, for who?


For at the end of the day it ain’t up to you, nor me

But up to God, the Knower of All


And last time I checked that wasn’t you

So hold your tongue and watch your words

For who knows what might spew

Take a step for what might breakthrough

But for now, I bid you adieu

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