Find Me

Featured Artwork: KwangHo Shin


Find me in those torn up pages filled with empty words sitting at the bottom of my drawer.

Find me in those empty boxes of paint and the overused bristles of a thick brush.

Find me in the sweets that stay snuggled within your already heavy pockets, ever ready to land in the grubby hands of delighted children.

Find me in baba’s chair with that single nail poking out and leaving a permanent mark on my skin.

Find me in those warm and comforting cups of masala chai you have every early morning with a side of sweet biscuits.

Find me in those books that have spent far too much time tossing and turning from my fingertips, stained with tears of every emotion ever known to man.

Find me in those empty vodka bottles tucked under the bed like a secret locked in a safe, where the faint smell of lemon still lingers.

Find me in those moments where you feel lonely and unloved and are filled with despair.

Find me in these make-believe stories you make up to feel some sort of emotion, to feel whole again.

Find me in the moon every night as you hug your loved one, as I’ll be watching over you.

Find me wherever you feel good or bad, happy and sad, for I am every feeling in the world mixed all together.

But really,

I hope you find me in your heart, still keeping you warm and making you smile.

Aneesha Saran

Hi! I'm Aneesha, 20 something student struggling under the Indian Education System. Without a proper dream but an avid lover of books, a good cup of coffee and cats. Other than reading and writing you can find me either sleeping throughout the whole day or watching documentaries on all kinds of things. Here on this website I'll be sharing small and special pieces of my imagination and my opinions & thoughts on the most random things!

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