Featured Artwork: Louisa Cannell


Our color, age, and religion shall not define

Dictate our image 

Or way of life

We are humans

And that takes precedence over any fight

Equality, love, and respect 

Is our right


So let us remove 

Set limitations that hinder our voice,

And be freed from boundaries 

That do not serve us.

Stop being associated  

With biased labels,

But by achievement 

Of all our dreams and fables


Because we can achieve anything we desire,

With drive and fire

Nothing can ever take away 

What makes us who we are 

To this day


So as negativity persists in our society

We must respect individuality 

With love

Understanding we are unique

And no one is above


Acceptance towards this

Comes more naturally to the human heart

Than everything that continues

To keep us apart

Sanjana Karthik

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