how to be a conservative.

be a white woman

give up my voice

love my man and family harder and longer 

than any other choice

get on my knees

recite my prayers

pledge to give up my own ambition especially if he dares

love my father 

love my mother

where else did the savings come from?

couldn’t be my job silly 

the boomers made oh so sure we were covered

bleach my hair

or have a crooked face

then you get Primetime


then the people will listen! rejoice! hark! a woman is speaking

but keep the teleprompter on…. her thoughts could start leaking


much like her woman tears 

she helps others but can never seem to remember to

 blow her nose wipe her own ass and she has the audacity to shit


which bathroom does she go in?

Non-binary or misfit? 



Featured Artwork by Egle Plytnikaite

Kristin Hunt

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