Soft Hearts, Hard Anger

They were warned.

They were warned of the ones whose smiles soothed the coldest hearts, whose laughter caused the darkest of rooms to alight with fire and song and dance.

They were warned of the gleeful, soft souls. Of what became of them when they were pushed.

And shoved.

And cornered.

For it is said that the ones who seem unknown to anger.

Were a volcanic eruption of rage.

And it had been an eon since the last eruption coated the sky in ash and melted away everything in its path.

The world had forgotten tremors, of ash storms, of destruction.

Be wary traveler.

For even the best builders are versed in how to destroy. 



Featured Image via Toa Heftiba


Life isn't worth living without some sort of passion, and I am impassioned through the topics I write about: including journeys of reclaiming the self, to protesting the injustices of discrimination.

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