Lopsided Truth

shifts to trust
with one required
base pair reassignment.

drop the grand Hoax
shush the lies to self and other
sink back into your primordial slime
reorganize, safely within your self-made cocoon.

add the ultimate Sacrifice
to give up who you are
emerge with naked wings exposed
trusting-self to know, who is/is not that kind of hungry.

Subtype 1 – truST;
seekers are not made for an “us”
they pine for Self-Trust,
ave a little extra need, indeed
a different Gen(i)us entirely.

Subtype 2 – truF;
beware, with this species
there comes a risky mutation
replaces a base pair, St,
with a cocky single, F.


I wonder if
a single nucleotide for the price of a base pair
is a good-for-evolution
kind of trade,

I guess I will ask
the lopsided

oh look,
it flew away.

it was never here.

F, is for Fictional.
Fictional truF.


Keep your eye out
for this lopsided breed.


a version of this poem first appeared in Caustic Frolic’s Liminal Spaces (Spring 2019).

Art from Charis Tsevis – a Greek visual designer living and working in Paphos, Cyprus.