The Church Remains on Fire

I keep thinking;
These fleeing, mournful, frightened creatures-
These are the true homeless climate refugees.‬

‪I keep thinking‬; ‪
Nature will return. Nature is
bigger than this moment. ‬

I keep thinking;
This is how life ends?
With humans who only lend a hand that results in power?
With humans who refuse their neighbors’ pale of water
because someone hurt their feelings?

I keep thinking; ‪
We have lost our Mother’s trust.
Our eyes will not see the beauty of
her children’s resurrection.

‪I keep thinking; ‬ ‪
There is no confessional for this sin.

I keep thinking;
If there were a booth to hide in, if there were
an accepted ‘man in a dress’ alive to listen,
it would be a ritual the next lineage term “archaic mythology.”

I keep thinking;
Until we are all over,
our church will soon, and again,
be engulfed in flames.


Photo of Notre Dame 2019 fire, by Nivenn Lanos on Unsplash.


Hokis is an American poet of Armenian descent. She is Founder and Senior Editor of Headline Poetry & Press and a regular contributor to Reclamation Magazine. Hokis is widely published digitally and in print. Her poetic memoir "OnBecoming: Aesthetic Evolution of This Rising Ancestor" is available on Amazon or through your indie bookstore. For more, visit

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