Synapse Surfing

When I close my eyes and reach for the wall
When my presence disappears

{this is now}
{this is now}
{this is now}
{this is now}

Know I am strong –
feet solid on my board 
synapse surfing eye to eye with the Great 
White inside

You may think I touch to please
To play\for(e) me, for you

{i forgive you for this privileged thought, only if you commit
to its demise. Otherwise the sticky white of greatness
will spawn in us both – unmistakably alive}

I am memorizing your body;
Curves, Fuzzies
Smile lines
Sound buttons
Angles of bones
Strength of boner

Uwinding my synapse 
To paint a new memory 
A now memory

The only memory with the HU\mility I pine for
to bring me to my knees
The one-at-a-time memory I make with
my present and accountable
my standard – HU\man


image: surreal photo manipulation by Turkish artist Aykut Aydogdu