A Woman.

You find it more vile that

The child who was defiled

Had the right to save her life

And the man who ripped her innocence to shreds walks free while she suffers with carrying a life she didn’t ask for?

And the woman who fell in love

Is not ready to bear the weight

Of breasts aching with milk

And sleepless nights.

And eighteen years,

Of her life being given,

To a life she was not prepared to care for.

But what are women’s bodies if not dictated by men.

What are women’s bodies if they have no say in how they are treated.

What is a woman’s future, if not to bear a child?

What is a woman, without a man?


(Featured Artwork: Lindsay Rapp)


Life isn't worth living without some sort of passion, and I am impassioned through the topics I write about: including journeys of reclaiming the self, to protesting the injustices of discrimination.

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