identity politics

lip-kits thick with identity politics
curves and thighs commodified
as if
they haven’t been
since the sun’s first shine
on the Hollister skin
trending back in the day


money doesn’t define worth
ads and photo ops don’t make it all better
look closely at the composition
do they stand there fettered? chained?
nothing more than feta crumbled
over a Mediterranean salad; Israeli tabbouleh
you can buy at Starbucks


Palestine is a line too political to cross
Muslim too Islamist to tolerate
Melanin popping cops hearts palpitate
He/She/They too complex minds can’t think straight
the only thing left to obliterate
is hate


throw out misogyny
decolonize our eyes ‘cuz
the disenfranchised will thrive
Sudan will rise
build a wall or don’t our people can fly
above barriers of ability, language, and lies


can be a fan of the culture
but afraid of what’s inside
grow diverse
not polarized
in political ties
a spectrum of thought

in all our faiths and sizes
not watered down
covalently bonded


a common pursuit of the truth
whether it’s working for me or for you

Meriem Sadoun

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