My Baby

Black love is such a beautiful thing

Like a butterfly about to spread its wings

The union between two souls is unmatched

That’s nothing but a fact

You got me and I got you

Whether skies are gray or when skies are blue

Coffee and cream, tea and honey

The way you look at me is so lovely

Let me lay my head down on your chest at night

While you whisper sweet nothings to me and tell me everything is gonna be alright…

I’ll rock a gold necklace that has your name

Hope you’ll do the same

Because it’s insane how heavy you are on my brain

Tell your boys, “That’s my girl! She’s my entire world!”

I’ll tell my girls, “That’s my man! It’s us against the world, hope y’all understand!”

We look at each other and smile at the same time…

“My Baby.”


(Featured Artwork: ‘My Baby’)

Elizabeth Ajose

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