Your Mother tells you you are as sweet as sugar
Your father calls you a spunky little diva
You are beautiful
Little Brown Girl

Ready to conquer the world
Love the skin you’re in
Love yourself from within

Your natural hair is excellent the way it is
Rock your Afro with pride
Don’t fall in love with that hot comb or that relaxer, dear…

Let your chocolate brown skin glisten in the sun
Embrace the size of your nose
Admire the way your brown eyes glow

Do you love the way your Mother braids your long, kinky hair?
I know after a few hours of being crushed in between your Mother’s knees for hours
Your favorite part is when she adds the beads

Don’t let anyone treat you less than a queen
“I’m black and I’m proud!”
Don’t forget that, now…


(Featured Image: College Fashionista)

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