The crescent moon is glimmering as we’re lying down beneath the stars.

The film is silently playing while the fireflies surround the yard.

As our hands lightly touch, it makes me want to give you all that I have.

Drowning in your ocean blue eyes.

The smell of your perfume lingers in my sheets, a scent that I can’t evade.

I can’t count the times I dreamed of you,

The darkest nights when I needed you the most.

As the hands of the clock move, I stand up — nervously waiting for the unlikely return.

The nightmares try to conquer the obscure darkness

As my vision starts to blur.

I want to go back to the past, to forget those tuckered memories.

Lost in a maze, escaping from the blinding truth —

Made a foolish mistake that scared and pushed you.

Thoughts dwindle in my mind, they ain’t easy to forget.

As I move nearer to my love, I am filled with distress.

Yearning for your touch; you move away,

When all I need is just a little bit of your heart.

My lungs start to swell, forgetting how to breathe —

Losing the one person who understood me.

As I drift into a deep sleep, I see the silhouette of your body,

Far away to pull me from the bottomless quicksand.

(Featured Image courtesy of Skellington)

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