5 Things I Learned In 2018

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Holiday season is over and university is about to start as I reflect on the past year and the progressions I’ve made. I think it’s safe to say that 2018 left me a mess. Good news though: we get to better ourselves for 2019! In the hopes of motivating myself to let go of what was and look forward to what will be, I want to share what 2018 taught me.

The world is not as kind as you are.

Believe it or not, many people lack the skill of empathy and this results in a lack of willingness to understand other people. Now, this does not mean that you should not be empathetic, rather that you have to be more empathetic. You will have to learn to accept that people’s unnecessary rudeness is not an attack on you, but rather a lack of emotional ability on their part. This will allow you to move past meanies more quickly.

Plans mean nothing.

Plans are important, but almost always, your plans and life’s plans don’t match and that’s okay. Everyone takes a wrong path sometimes. It does not mean you have messed up your life if you chose wrong. Following what you thought was right and turned out to be wrong, only teaches you lessons that you will need when you do get back on the right path. Regardless of what was done, what matters most is that you take steps to be the best version of yourself.

You are allowed to be selfish sometimes.

For the most part, the majority of us spend our lives dedicated to looking after other people. Caring for another person could mean emotional, financial, mental, or physical support. Often what happens is people who are support systems are forgotten about. People who support others need support themselves. Get some alone time or fun time, spend money on something that will make you happy, or even just allow yourself to rest. Don’t stop caring for others, just start caring for yourself too.

Speaking it into existence works!

I didn’t really believe this, but with all seriousness, it does actually work. At the beginning of December, I messaged my best friend telling her how all I want from 2019 is to be able to change my university and do a course that I love, and also get a boyfriend. Unbelievably, by the end of December, I had confirmation that I was accepted into a perfect course, and I got a wonderful boyfriend. It is important to make your goals known. Admittedly, the way my wishes were met is unusual, but knowing what you want makes it easier to visualize success.

Appreciate the moment.

It can be hard not to think about all the possible pain — this is something I very much understand. Life happens, and pain is inevitable. Allow yourself to be happy and savour the feeling, and know that when you are sad, that feeling will pass too. There is nothing more beautiful than the human experience of feeling emotions passionately and genuinely.

I hope my lessons have taught you something and hopefully, your 2019 will be beautiful!

Livanya Gramoney

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