Mystery Girl

I was always taught that a classy lady kept her privacy

But no one ever told me she could deprive a life so free

Mysterious with no intent

Protection is the word I’ve paired you with

But mystery has caused your dysfunction

You don’t even know who you are

Without all the opinions and puppeteer behavior

And that scares the hell outta you

So you’ve found lust with mystery

Something that started off so innocent but turned into mind control

So many sarcastic jokes and actions revoked

You fear the mysterious side you may truly not know

The one that’s free unapologetically

The one that is keen and balanced like that everlasting ever-changing tree

The one that receives the love that is unconditional

That has no secrets

More frequent and unafraid

Because now your secrets aren’t really secrets, just your brighter days

That you fear others may not understand to the same degree

But if only I just took the chance

Removed my pride and let love and truth lead the way

Maybe, just maybe, I’d feel like people would understand Chi for Chi

And not the carbon copy version of me

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