Dear Anthony,

Everything’s about to change

And for the what feels like the trillionth time I say, “I hope for the better”

But this time, deep down, I know for the better

This time, I’m prepared for whatever

You made me smile

You made me laugh

You made me cry

And although I saw myself as your precious signature flower,

The world wasn’t too gentle picking my petals

So here I am…

On the verge of a great shift

I find myself having to let you go,

For the better, I suppose, with memories enclosed

You were someone I never knew I needed

You taught me that to be free I needed to release what hindered me,

You told me that my creative energy had never forsaken me

In my mind and heart, it resides

Just like you

Tears wash away my scars and bruises as I type this…

But you taught me to let it all go so I can write this

And I find myself having to let you go

For the better I know

For a future story that is shared

Here and now

I find myself letting you go

To become the woman you had always known,

Just being my own version of different

Navigating this world alone with a blueprint full of memories and love

I find myself having to let you go

To share a story of one untold

I realize I need to let you go

For both souls

I find myself letting you go

But for the best of both worlds, this I know

Until we meet again

My amazing friend

But an even better soul

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