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I know you all have heard the saying “there’s life and death in the tongue.” Boy, I sure have! Growing up I never quite understood it. All I knew was it was the saying that brought me a strange sense of peace. It was the saying that reminded me I had control over my life in some aspect. It was not until my early adulthood that I realized. THIS IS IT.

As a creative, and as an individual, you are constantly faced with the unexpected. The golden question is, “are you going to become one with your misfortune?” Or are you going to align yourself mentally with that which you desire? What you feel you deserve? Now, these questions have to be some of the toughest questions you may ask yourself in life. They are some of the toughest questions I’ve asked myself. Questions I, to this day, still ask myself.

Some of the negative affirmations I used to say were “Awe, it’s raining my outfit is ruined! “They didn’t cook my steak long enough!!” “Oh no! I woke up late!” Now I combatively say “these rain-boots are gonna look so good in this rain!” Now I say, “I’m grateful to have eaten.” Now I say, “at least I lived to see another day!” These changes were necessary and eye-opening. I began to notice more and more, day by day, about myself and my life.

When I would wake up in the morning I made sure to say “today’s gonna be a great day” rather than “ugh I wonder what new lesson today is going to bring,” and witnessed my days change drastically. Now don’t get me wrong. Bad days will come and good days will follow. Positive affirmations can’t change that, it’s apart of life. But these positive affirmations made my bad days easier to bear, and my better days easier to appreciate. In many ways, we speak over our lives what we want, what we don’t, and at times what we fear. It begins with us. So before you dwell on the negative, ask yourself: “how can I change this for the better?”

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