the silent sufferings of time.

Featured Artwork: Lauren Colin Mitchell


for the women brave enough to speak of their past and memory of sexual abuse. 


Invisible, a silver outline of a butterfly wing

transient to the evaporation of time,


the feeling pesters.

and perturbs her fibre

well-being fades into malfunction


Violation, a simple transgression, the proof of which

weighs down her cheek like ice.

A tear. Lucid and insignificant.


the foundation of memory

is weak, subject to the tremors of time

fragile and cracked, but solid surface,

the only feeling that lingers is a tingling.


hazy skies cloud her memory, bleak of the night chokes her throat.

her body a foreign instrument.

no more than a vessel, vulnerable to tempestuous waters.

draining the colour from existence,

life. a black and white monotony.

Samia Majid

Creative editorial writer

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