What I Found In The Antique Shop

In an antique shop that doesn’t belong here or anywhere There in one feeble glass case that looks like it will surely shatter and collapse to the floor when I touch it with the pad of my finger  Are the relics of some woman’s jewelry case coated in a thick layer of dust A locket […]

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A Year of Isolation Makes Way For Anxious Girl Summer

Featured Image: Podessto/Shutterstock Nobody’s happier than I am that this summer will mark our gradual return to pre-pandemic life. I ought to tell you this before I go on to tell you that my infinite gratitude and excitement is peppered (heavily) with nerves. Because the world going back to normal means I have three months […]

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The Devil’s Not Paying You Enough To Be His Advocate

Featured Illustration: Stephan Schmitz You’ve seen the Twitter headers, the punchy slogan at the end of Instagram Infographics™. Human Rights Aren’t Debatable. And the immediate response is obviously a well no shit, who thinks they are? But the definition of debating human rights isn’t always a politician met with controversy after endorsing airstrikes, or a […]

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Keep Voices Down, This is a Quiet Zone

Featured Image: Valentin Antonini I was a loud kid. Not shouting on the playground, tear-stricken tantrum in the grocery store loud, but I’d rather hear the sound of myself talking than silence at any given time loud. It’s an ailment many suffer from, even into adulthood. And as it turns out, a chronic need to […]

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The Death Of The GirlBoss

Featured Illustration: Kelly Caminero Feminism in the workplace is a touchy subject. We love to hear success stories of women who built up empires, became “self-made” millionaires, and have now devoted their lives to teaching other women how to follow in their footsteps. But for each one that makes it big, hundreds of thousands do […]

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New York Mornings and Sunsets in the Suburbs

Featured Image: Michal Pechardo Four months ago, I was ready to leave home and never look back. It had already been three months in lockdown, counting down the days from an idyllic suburb tucked away in the East Bay. This town is beautiful in the way that only a city so meticulously planned, tree by […]

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