In conversation with Daisy Wang, Founder of DAWANG

Featured Images: Laerke Rose Mollegaard New York-based designer Daisy Wang thoughtfully weaves together ready-to-wear streetwear styles with modern chinoiserie. Her brand, DAWANG, sits in balance with the East and West while also embracing all the comfort and personalization that streetwear fashion has to offer. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. . . . […]

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Of Kulfi and Kajals: How One Beauty Brand is Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Innovation

Featured Image: Badal Patel Kulfi Beauty is as sweet as it is disruptive. While inclusivity is necessary for any industry, this upcoming NYC-based beauty brand is set on exploring something more — self-reflection and celebration. Through intentional storytelling, Kulfi boldly confronts colorism, classism, and patriarchal norms that have been historically embedded within the South Asian […]

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Why Don’t We Take Women as Seriously as Men?

Featured Illustration: Zulfa Ishak For several weeks or so, I wasn’t sure how to begin writing this piece. This is very much a stream-of-consciousness essay where I will be attempting to tell a narrative that is quite difficult to swallow after 2020. But I believe in any case, a personal anecdote always does the trick, […]

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brown skinned girl

Featured Illustration: Phung Banh Brown skinned girl Coconut wet black curls. Pigment in that burning gaze Could light any candle that holds your space. Speak with those honeyed and remedied lips Sway into the night with your ancestors’ hips. Never let them take your cinnamon sighs For a sign of defeated cries. Across the palms […]

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Bitter Roots, Sweet Home

Featured Artwork: Madeline Kate Martinez When I was little, I dreamt of living in a house by the water with white picket fences. With a front porch and pots of plants leading the doorway. With a basement to host sleepovers in. With a garage for two cars, central air, an in-unit laundry machine, a kitchen […]

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The Art of Praying

Gandhinagar, Hyderabad 2003 8:30am  I watched my aunt pour a golden glass of milk over the porcelain statue of goddess Lakshmi Devi. After milk came honey. Then water. I sat cross-legged, half paying attention to the pooja, half paying attention to my Cafurty Telephone Piggy Bank. It was filled with a few paise and stacks […]

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Nine Crows and The Godavari

Monsoons seize the trees of palm Clouds stand not alone behind the red curtain sun I swim with the black widowed crows Across the farm, a house rests on generational bones The familiar taste of sandalwood Burns in my throat and I think, I am home They ask, did you miss home? Two-eyed fish, banana […]

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The September Issue: A Mental Health Narrative

10:30 pm, September 3rd Tuesday nights were ridiculous. We found ourselves at the same old bar, waiting in line with the same old crowd. We smiled vaguely at ex-lovers passing by and pretended the three shots of tequila at the pregame had yet to hit us. A dozen or so heels tapped against the concrete […]

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