Black Lives More Than Matter

Featured Image: Minnesota Historical Society The recent developments in this country have shed light on a harrowing reality: there are two different Americas in the United States. There’s mainstream America, mostly occupied by Caucasians. This side of the country comes with the typical American Dream — a sizable dwelling place, a picturesque lawn typically protected […]

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When Christians Aren’t Christians

Featured Artwork: Boyoun Kim In the Fall of 2010, I found myself giddy beyond belief. My family was getting ready to relocate to Northwest Arkansas, home to Walmart, Tyson, Dillard’s, and the infamous Razorbacks, the flagship university’s mascot. Their football team was electric that year, climbing up in the national rankings to take a top […]

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Every Man Can Be Superman

Featured Artwork: Levi Hastings You sit in a full movie theater on a Friday night when the buzz of excited energy runs rampant throughout the venue. Tonight, the most talked-about action film of the year is releasing — maybe something along the lines of a quality Superman reboot (with emphasis on quality). The film lives […]

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A Heartbreaking Experience

Featured Image: Markus Spiske It was just another typical autumn day in Arkansas. Autumn is arguably the most beautiful season in “The Natural State.” The overabundance of nature, coupled with the cleanliness of the Northwest portion, leaves one in awe of their surroundings. Trees of all sizes and shapes shed leaves of all hues and […]

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